Why Card Counting is Considered Cheating at Blackjack

For the most part card counting is banned at brick and mortar casinos gameslion.com and heavily discouraged at online casinos. Many casinos consider card counting cheating at blackjack because it gives players an advantage over the house. However, most experts will agree that if done right, card counting is not the same as cheating, and any casino that attempts to shut it down is playing unfairly.

Why Card Counting Is Discouraged

By counting the cards that have gone before and memorizing what cards are left in the deck, players are able to predict what card comes next and decide whether to hit or stand accordingly. This has the effect of allowing the player to make much better decisions and can do a lot to lower the expected house edge in the game. Most casinos online games and off will do what they can to discourage card counting. They say it gives players an unfair advantage over the game and the house.

Why It Is Not the Same as Cheating

In reality, card counting gambling online is not the same as cheating at blackjack. While knowledge about the game and the deck does help players, it is not a guarantee on whether the player will be able to use the knowledge adequately to actually win the game. Card counting poker strategies gives players better guesses about what cards come next, but so does memorizing the odds of each card. Things like marking the cards or bribing the dealer are some of the only ways that players can truly guarantee wins at blackjack and are much more clear examples of cheating.

Though most online casino hate anything that gives players an advantage, card counting is not the same as cheating at blackjack, and it should not be treated as such.